Can you have an alarm system with a dog?

Yes! You can! Pet friendly alarm systems are a revelation for dog owners. Many don’t use their alarm because they have a dog which really compromises the security of your home – and your dog. Different settings and systems can be used to allow you to set your alarm and still let your dog sleep or roam in their usual spots. This can be used during the day when you’re out, as well as at night.

How does a pet friendly PIR work?

Your dog will set off your house alarm, unless you have pet friendly PIRs in place. Pet friendly PIRs are programmed to allow your dog in selected rooms or areas, even when the alarm is set. If you already have an intruder alarm, standard sensors can be easily replaced with pet friendly ones.  

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Pet friendly & Pet protection

It’s said that a barking dog can put off a would-be intruder. People often comment on our social media posts to say they have a dog to protect their home, but what about protecting your dog? According to heart, five dogs are stolen in the UK every day. The law says dogs must be micro chipped by 8 weeks old. Tips to keep your dog safe include not leaving them alone in the car or tied up outside shops. Other advice centres around keeping your pet safe at home.

A secure home and garden for your dog

Keeping your garden secure with locked gates and security measures such as CCTV systems can help to ensure the safety of your pup. Internal cameras can also let you check in your dog if they’re home alone.  

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Dog walkers and smart security

If you need dog walking, pet sitting or boarding services use someone you know and trust. Seek reliable, recommended dog walkers and boarding kennels. Pet owners who have a regular dog walker can really benefit from a smart security system. This type of house alarm sends a real time notification each time your alarm is set and unset, alerting you to the arrival of your dog walker. You can then even use a wifi camera to check in with your pup.   Follow us on social media for updates from HQ including what our office dogs have been up to. If you’d like to find out more about pet friendly security, give us a call 01535 661197   pet friendly alarm