national home security month 2019

Smart Home Owners

Many gadget lovers have already made the switch to a smart home. It seems there’s an app for almost everything, and your security is no different. Last year, it was reported that seven homes in the UK were burgled every minute over the course of a year according to the Independent. So whilst you’re scrolling Instagram someone might be scouring your home. Not a nice thought. No one wants to see #breakins trending. An unbelievable 28% of UK adults still admit to taking no security precautions at home, according to research carried out by the co-op insurance. We all know someone who’s left a key under the mat or left a door unlocked whilst they pop out. Some people leave windows open, whilst others don’t lock their front door despite 5% of burglaries taking place due to an unlocked door. Smart home security makes protecting your home as easy as sending a whatsapp. outdoor security cameras

Smart CCTV

It’s a well documented fact that CCTV is the most effective way to prevent crime. Even the police say you should get security cameras. Many people go for the cheap and cheerful DIY camera options to pop up outside their home. At Keybury we regularly hear from people who have been left disappointed by those systems and are now turning to a reputable local company to ensure their. One third of people view their exterior home cameras via an app. Others use apps for the intruder alarm systems. So many apps can cloud your home screen. Did you know there’s an app to combine both – and it has some extra bonus features!       security app for intruder alarm

Smart Home Alarms

Keybury’s smart home security app puts all your security and home protection in one app. Remotely viewing cameras within the app is a given. You can also control Pan Tilt Zoom cameras, ideal for larger rural premises or business properties. Couple remote viewing with perimeter security systems to receive alerts when someone is on your property. This feature is great for catching anyone snooping around your vehicles or seeing who’s on the garden path before they even knock on the door. The security app also allows users to control their intruder alarm. Set and unset the system from your phone or switch areas on and off as required.  This smart home control app even sends notifications when the alarm is set or unset. Our app is particularly valued by families with home help, pets, vulnerable relatives and even teenagers.  

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