Vehicle theft had reduced year on year until 2017, however since then the numbers have increased again. The Office of National Statistics (ONS) reported a 5% rise in theft of motor vehicle in it’s latest report published in January 2020.  This is reflected in the rise of incidents reported on social media in recent months.   West Yorkshire Police have warned motorbike owners to make sure their vehicles are secure.  As well as breaking into vehicles to steal tools and valuables, thieves are breaking into houses to steal keys for vehicles. Are you wondering how best to secure your vehicle? Here’s five questions to ask, and how the answers can help to prevent vehicle theft.

Five Questions to ask… and how the answers can prevent vehicle theft

vehicle theft

Is your vehicle parked in a secure place?

Parking your vehicle in a secure place reduces the need to worry about vehicle theft. When you’re out and about choose a well lit, busy location with CCTV. Where possible choose car parks which are approved by the police safer parking scheme. Use CCTV at home to keep a close eye on your vehicle.  CCTV with app viewing of live images as well as the option to playback video means you can watch your wheels 24/7.    

secure garageHow secure is your garage?

Store your vehicle in a secure outbuilding or garage if possible. Internal garages can be included in your home burglar alarm system, and external garages can also be included or have their own system. Protect the building with smart security to receive real time alerts of any activation.    


smart security How smart is your CCTV?

CCTV is a great deterrent against vehicle theft. Coupling this with external detectors turns this into the ultimate active security. Perimeter security combines sensors and CCTV to alert you to any movement around your vehicle, so you can take action if someone is approaching your car or van.    


  your security

Is your car hidden away?

It’s not always possible to keep your vehicle hidden in a garage but hiding it in a dense garden is not advisable. Keep fences secure and any hedges trimmed to avoid giving cover to criminals. Outdoor lighting can be used to deter criminals and alert others to their presence.      

vehicle theftWhere are your keys?

Where are your keys? According to research, adults typically misplace four items a month. Your keys are at the top of the list closely followed by your phone and your glasses. Do you have a dish or a hook for your keys? The police recommend that you keep your keys away from doors and windows to avoid them being easily taken. Some thieves try using hooks or wires to retrieve keys through letterboxes.       Contact our team to find out more about how CCTV, perimeter security and burglar alarms can protect your property.