Newest Security Gadget from Keybury

Flexible Home Security with KeyburyCam

WiFi Camera for home

Sleek, Smart, Secure


We’re very excited to announce the launch of our new KeyburyCam WiFi Camera. It’s sleek, it’s smart and it’s secure. Our portable WiFi camera can be used to check in on your home in HD. The KeyburyCam has a variety of uses for homeowners. Check in on pets, plug into the nursery as a baby monitor or see why your alarm went off.



One App To Rule Them All...

Complete Security Control

The KeyburyCam is the perfect accompaniment for the Keybury AppControl+ Intruder Alarm. If you receive an app notification that your alarm is sounding then you can easily see what’s happening via your KeyburyCam. From here you have the information to decide what action to take. Our Home Control+ App is as flexible as the KeyburyCam. Not only is it compatible with your intruder alarm, your CCTV system and your KeyburyCam but it’s also available on both Android and iOS.


HD KeyburyCam

HD live images & 2 way sound

The newest tech gadget for your home has live recording, HD images with sound as well as images. It’s 1080p HD images can be viewed via the same app as your CCTV and Intruder alarm.  This gives home owners all round home security indoors and out in the palm of your hand.


KeyburyCam for Pets

Pet Friendly Security

Do you worry about leaving your pets whilst you’re at work? Peek at your pampered pooch or chat to your cats whilst you’re out and about. Couple pet detectors with the KeyburyCam for the ultimate pet friendly security system.


KeyburyCam for Parents

Portable. Flexible. Helpful.

The KeyburyCam is perfect for parents. It’s portable so can be moved around your home to suit your needs. Place it in the nursery at naptime to act as a baby monitor, or move it to the playroom to keep a remote eye on the kids whilst you’re making tea. Two way audio means you can hear them playing and call them to the dinner table via our app.


Offers for New & Existing Customers

Ask Our Team About Upgrading

If you’re considering an upgrade, why not take advantage of our special introductory offers to include the KeyburyCam with your security system upgrade. For existing customers with AppControl+ ask our team about adding up to 2 KeyburyCams to your system. Contact us by phone on 01535 661197, by email to or send us a message on our Facebook PageKeybury on facebook

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