Keybury have been installing CCTV in the Yorkshire Dales for decades; 2022 marks our 40th year in business. In recent years, there has been a rise in the number of people looking to install security cameras, especially in rural areas.

CCTV systems are often the preferred option for protecting rural properties, such as those in the Yorkshire Dales. Indeed security cameras have changed the day-to-day life of many living in rural Yorkshire. They allow people to monitor their premises from a distance and keep people, animals and property safe and secure. Security cameras can cover a large area, such as a yard or driveway. Some use them in barns and stable to monitor and protect their animals remotely. Others use CCTV to keep a watchful eye on vehicles, external buildings and those remote from the home, such as garages and barns.

Monitored CCTV in the Yorkshire Dales

CCTV systems can still be monitored in the traditional way, by remote monitoring station. Another option is remote viewing of CCTV on your phone. Such monitoring allows you to keep your security in the palm of your hand. Whether you’re at the other end of your garden, just down the road or abroad, you can check in on your property.

In rural Yorkshire, remote CCTV viewing allows people to monitor their livestock using just an app. Others use systems which send real-time alerts if parameters are crossed in specific areas. This way, an unauthorised person crossing a yard towards often targeted quads or land rovers would trigger a notification and ensure action is taken.

Some CCTV cameras, such as live guard CCTV systems allow 2 way audio, and an automated warning can be announce to deter a would be thief.

Which is the best CCTV in the Yorkshire Dales?

If you live and work in rural Yorkshire, CCTV is a good option for security. There are a range of CCTV systems available from companies installing CCTV the Yorkshire Dales. However it is worth considering the camera type and it’s capabilities. A robust system is needed to cope with the elements. Cheaper cameras can be easily damaged and offer poor quality images and limited storage capacity.

Installing CCTV in traditional buildings

Traditional buildings can be difficult to navigate with new technologies. Wireless intruder alarms have offered the answer to this for home security systems in listed and traditional buildings. They allow complete home protection without the need for wiring. High quality wireless intruder alarms are incredibly reliable.

Wireless CCTV cameras are not yet at the same level of quality and reliability, so there’s a lot riding on the knowledge of the designer and the skills of the installer. Make sure you choose an industry approved professional, skilled CCTV installer. We’ve got a wealth of experience in installing CCTV in remote locations and traditional buildings. Our knowledgeable surveyors and skilled engineers work hard to ensure our customers achieve the peace of mind that comes with a Keybury security system, with minimal disruption.

Installing CCTV in the Yorkshire Dales

cctv yorkshire dales

Installing CCTV in the Yorkshire Dales and other more rural locations brings challenges. Many people require cameras to view large outdoor areas, some remote from their own homes.

Most people installing CCTV now opt for remote viewing on their phones and tablets. This will rely on decent signal, and should be investigated with your CCTV installed before going ahead. Choose a company who have experience of navigating this and the skills to overcome it.

Keybury frequently install security cameras in remote locations and offer an innovative approach to overcome obstacles and provide the best system for our customers.

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