If there’s no bell box… what’s the deterrent? DIY alarm systems do sometimes come without an external bell box. Some alarm system installers are actually fitting alarms without an external bell box too. This can cut costs. It cuts corners… and it cuts down on the effectiveness of your alarm.

Many thieves are opportunists and will pick the easiest target. Making your home look more secure can help to reduce your risk of becoming a victim of theft. If you don’t have any visual deterrents on the outside of your property, it can appear to be an easy target.

Once the intruder enters the property, an alarm which alerts people most often causes them to flee. However at this point, they have already caused damage to the property in breaking in. This could be eliminated with a bell box acting as a deterrent.

Keybury have four decades of industry experience and we continue to keep abreast of the fast paced developments in security with ongoing training and research, coupled with our own know how. All this has led to us championing the external bell box as a key tool in reducing your risk of becoming a victim of crime. For more home security tips read 8 simple ways to avoid a break in here.

You may have read our CCTV blog explaining how people alter their behaviour when they know they are being watched. You might also have heard the CCTV is an excellent deterrent to criminals. Alarm bell boxes are similarly effective.

Keeping your bell box up to date also helps to ensure that the face of your security is top notch. You can read more about our excellent light up bell boxes on this blog. They glow in the dark and really highlight your security.

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