Planning a wedding? Security cameras at wedding venues aren’t traditionally on a bride’s radar, but CCTV should be top of your wedding venue’s priority list.

Security cameras are vital for wedding venues. They help to keep your staff and customers safe, protect your premises and your guests’ property. A system which incorporates indoor and outdoor cameras gives comprehensive coverage. Venues will want to engage a reputable approved company to be sure that data protection issues are covered and that the finish of the installation is exquisite.

Protecting your staff and customers

Trips and slips can easily occur, especially at a party. CCTV footage may be required in the event of more serious incidents. All accidents are incidents, but not all incidents are accidents. Weddings usually entail high value items from luxurious cakes to high end garments… and then there’s the gifts. CCTV can provide the peace of mind for hotel managers, wedding planners and the happy couple.

Which Security Cameras?

Outdoor security cameras protect your property from vandalism, arson and other criminal threat. CCTV also protects staff and guest vehicles in your carpark. It might not be something the happy couple ask you about, but guests will be reassured by your CCTV warning signs, as will insurers. A range of security cameras are available, including Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras. If you need to be able to see vehicle registration numbers from your cameras, make sure this type of camera is specified. This type of system is particularly popular with venues keen to protect vehicles on their property, as well as those using automatic gates and barriers.

Pan Tilt Zoom cameras are also popular for venues looking to cover larger areas, thermal cameras can identify high body temperatures and video analytics can alert you to people in an unauthorised area. If your venue has outdated cameras, it could be time to upgrade to full HD CCTV. We also partner with Professional Survelliance Management CCTV monitoring experts to provide 24 hour monitored CCTV systems.

Approved Security Cameras for Wedding Venues

You may find that it is a stipulation of your insurers to choose an industry approved supplier for your security arrangements. Keybury are NSI Gold approved for the design, installation and maintenance of CCTV surveillance system. A professional experienced CCTV installation company will have good working knowledge of data protection issues surrounding security cameras in venues. This is something you can ask your surveyor about on their initial visit as well as agreeing locations for cameras. An experienced surveyor will help you locate these for best coverage without compromising your brides’ beautiful wedding photos.

Keybury provide a range of fire and security solutions for businesses throughout the north of England. As well as CCTV, we install and maintain BAFE approved fire alarms, access control systems and monitored burglar alarms. We also supply chrome effect fire extinguishers, which are a perfect for beautiful venues.

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