October is National Home Security Month

We are supporting the National Home Security Month campaign again this year. In 2018 we spread the “Make your home your castle” message throughout the North of England to help homeowners to improve their security. This year’s theme is Security that’s right up your street. This is to raise awareness of the importance of securing your home. Keybury are right up your street; we’re your local security company.

Myth Busters

national home security month 2019 There are lots of myths around about home security. You can rely on Keybury to bring you thwe facts, and together with National Home Security Month we’re tackling some of the myths around home security. Did you know that most burglaries take place between 10am – 3pm? Neighbourhoods are quiet during these hours as people are out at work or school. An empty house is more vulnerable to an attack. According to NHSM 28% of UK adults take no security precautions at home.

Knock Knock, who’s there?

knock knock Does a knock at the door fill you with dread? An incredible 74% of burglars break in through the front door, according to MoneySuperMarket.  Take simple steps such as always locking the door and leaving your door chime switched on. Our Perimeter security blog has several top tips to secure your front door and beyond. This type of hybrid system gives you notifications as soon as anyone sets foot on your property.

Beat the Burglar with National Home Security Month

beat the burglar Good neighbours are a great compliment to a sound security system. Are you a member of your local Neighbourhood watch scheme? National Home Security Month reviews how community can help to protect your home in conjunction with technology. It’s no secret that security cameras are the best deterrent against criminals. As technology advances the best cameras are becoming more accessible to home owners. Keybury install and maintain CCTV systems in homes across the north of England.

Start Smart

national home security month 2019 Keybury offer the newest technology in smart security systems with your requirements at the heart of every project we complete. Whether you need a pet friendly security system, or something to notify you when the kids arrive home, we’ve got the smart system for you. Keybury combine CCTV and intruder alarms together with carbon monoxide and smoke detection to give the complete protection package in one app. The coop say that 89% of ex-burglars admit a smart home would deter them. If you’d like to upgrade to smart security system give Keybury a call on 01535 661197.

Dark Nights Return

dark nights Many look forward to Autumn, but it does have a darker side: Domestic damage increases by as much as 160% during Halloween and Bonfire night. We’re proud of our backlit bell boxes which help to highlight home owners’ security and actively discourage intruders. Security cameras now offer excellent viewing even in the dark and outdoor security lights work as a good deterrent. Take a few moments to consider how you can prepare your security as the nights draw in. Improved security can even reduce your home insurance premiums. Keybury offer free security surveys for homeowners, and can provide a comprehensive quote to install or upgrade security system in your home. Book yours today!

National Home Security Month Myth Busting:

Here’s the NHSM Myth Busters video – did you believe any of these myths?