“We’ve had a break in…”

So many of our new customers call us because they’ve had a break in and want an intruder alarm or CCTV to improve their security. It’s upsetting and more than a bit worrying. Just this week we have had several calls from people who’s neighbours have recommended they call Keybury for a security system following a break in. Our aim is to provide some peace of mind and feeling of security after such an experience.  

The emotional impact of a break in

break in emotions   There is a huge range of emotions that people feel after a break in including fear, anger, distress, guilt and helplessness. Often people feel more vulnerable and unable to trust others. There is support available to help people cope with these emotions. Positive actions to help you feel safer include repairing any damage and securing your home.

Is installing an alarm after a break in like

closing the stable door after the horse has bolted?

  Well, no, it’s not. According to Churchill insurance; “People who have been burgled once have a more than one in four chance of falling victim again in the same property.” The same report suggests that our area is the most likely to be affected by this type of crime. Bolting the door isn’t enough though. If you’ve had a break in you will want to reconsider your current security arrangements.

Is anything a deterrent?

new year resolution   Yes. Visible improvements to your home security will deter intruders from returning. Installing an intruder alarm and CCTV is widely reported as one of the best deterrents. Seasoned criminals also know which intruder alarms are the ones to avoid. They’re well aware that well known approved names, such a as Keybury, could be monitored and carry the risk of calling for back up.  Some people believe that intruder alarms only work AFTER a thief has entered your property. This is not true. The box on the wall is doing it’s job, shining brightly to let criminals know that this property is protected.  

But I’ve got a dog!

can a dog prevent a break in

Often people claim they don’t need an alarm because they have a dog. Others think they can’t have an alarm because of their furry friends.  Would your dog prevent a break in? Or would they welcome an intruder with open paws and a friendly lick? “Our dog didn’t even wake up when we had burglars” is not an uncommon comment. Pet friendly security systems allow you to protect your home whilst still letting your dog have the run of the house.  

How can Keybury help?

Our caring team are on hand to listen to your security requirements. We’ll install or upgrade your security system to bring you complete peace of mind. We’re a family business and we really understand the importance of keeping your family safe. Trust us to take care of your home security. Contact us now for a free home security survey: call 01535 661197 or email sales@keybury.co.uk