Bonfire Night is approaching, it’s hard to forget when we’re reminded to “remember remember” the 5th of November every year. It’s a time when people gather together to watch fireworks displays and bonfires.

However, it’s also a time when burglars take advantage of the darkness and noise to break into homes. With this in mind, we’re collated five home security tips to help keep your home safe on Bonfire Night.

5 tips for Bonfire Night Home Security

  1. Secure Your Doors and Windows: Make sure all your doors and windows are securely locked before you leave your home. This may seem obvious, but it’s easy to forget to lock a window or door when you’re in a hurry to leave for a firework display.
  2. Install Outdoor Lighting: Install motion-activated outdoor lighting around your property. This will help to deter burglars and provide you with better visibility if you need to go outside during the night. There are several options for security cameras with in built lights, including the live guard CCTV system.
  3. Don’t Advertise Your Absence: If you’re planning on attending a firework display, don’t advertise your absence on social media . This is especially relevant where your posts are more public. Consider what you share on “local” facebook groups and open access platforms such as the platform formerly known as Twitter. Sharing information openly online could let burglars know that your home is unoccupied and an easy target.
  4. Keep Your Valuables Out of Sight: Keep your valuables out of sight and away from windows. This will prevent burglars from seeing what you have in your home and being tempted to break in. Closing your curtains in the evenings not only keeps the heat in, but also prying eyes out.
  5. Install – and use – a Home Security System: Set your house alarm! If you haven’t got a home security system – or if yours is dated -it’s time to invest in one. It will provide you with the ultimate peace of mind knowing that your home is protected while you’re out celebrating Bonfire Night.

A few simple steps such as these can help to deter burglars and keep your home safe during the Bonfire Night celebrations.

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