Visual security measures are proven to deter would be thieves – but only if you keep it real. There are plenty of fake security options online including “dummy bell boxes” and “fake cameras”. Many people opt for these seemingly cheap options only to discover that they are completely ineffective at providing any sort of security or deterrent. The cost of a break in is much higher than the cost of implementing a real effective security system.

A seasoned burglar will recognise a well known security brand and generally avoid properties with this type of alarm box on the wall. Just like you, they’ve have looked up “fake alarm box” and they know which ones are as effective as a guard bunny.

Similarly a decent security camera is easily recognisable to those in the know. Dummy cameras are not effective. A correctly installed security camera system will record crime, can trigger alerts and – in the first instance – will make a thief look elsewhere for an easier less conspicuous target.

A barking dog often acts as a deterrent, but fake signs aren’t always as effective. In fact they can actually highlight the fact that you don’t have any real security in place.

Investing in a home security system could save you money on your home insurance premium. Insurers appreciate the steps you take to protect your home. And the bottom line is that a legitimate home alarm or cctv system is much more likely to deter burglars from breaking into your home.