People take all sorts of precautions to protect their homes and business from burglars, but which is the most effective? What’s the biggest deterrent for burglars?

There are several surveys and reports into this, and they all have a common theme. The reports find the same things begin highlighted as the most effective ways to deter a burglar.

What’s The Biggest Deterrent for Burglars?

CCTV Cameras are most often cited as the most likely thing to deter a criminal. You’ll find organisations promoting this effective security measure as it can help to keep you safe. CCTV deters burglars and other criminals and opportunists. Clear signage also helps to ensure you’re covered for GDPR and also flags up your security cameras to any potential thieves. As we have previously discussed, CCTV doesn’t just record crime, it is a very effective tool in catching criminals and bringing them to justice.

Motion activated security lights are often listed as a good security tool. Talk to your installer about these to ensure compatibility with your CCTV system. Lights flashing on and off can affect the images on some CCTV systems.

Strong Heavy doors and locked UPVC windows are often overlooked as simple but effective steps to deter burglars. Leaving a TV or lights on in the house can also put burglars off, as it makes the home appear occupied. Cars in the driveway create the same impression. (CCTV will help to protect these too.)

Incentive or deterrent for burglars?

The sound of a barking dog is another deterrent that often comes up in these reports. Barking dogs attract attention, and can sound scary. On the other hand, there has been a huge spike in dog thefts since lockdown , so a dog can sometimes be seen as a reason to break in – depending on what the burglar is on the look out for.

Outside, surrounding fences and gates can make it trickier for someone to get in (and out again). However, much like the barking dog, the gates can be perceived as an “open” invitation to some thieves. A gated driveway could hide something of high value, so whilst opportunists will be deterred, more organised thieves might target a home with a gated driveway.

The right home security solution

Home security alarm systems are listed amongst the other deterrents, but the key piece of information often missed out is that THE RIGHT home alarm system will deter criminals. An off the shelf, anonymous or old looking system will not deter a seasoned criminal. These professionals recognise the alarm bell boxes of professional security alarm installers and they know which ones to avoid. Alarms without a bell box have no value as a deterrent.

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