Winter security tips for homeowners

Winter is coming… which means dark nights, Christmas markets, elves on shelves and crime. In previous years, this time of year usually brings a spike in crime rates. These winter security tips could help to buck the trend for 2022. Some security measures can be expensive although these are generally worthwhile, long term investments. Some of our customers have had their security systems for decades.

Banish Darkness

We’re all being extra careful not to have lights on unnecessarily as the cost of living bites, but one light could be the difference to put a criminal off. An outdoor light on a sensor draws attention to anyone approaching your home. A lamp on a timer can make it look like someone is at home in dark evenings. West Yorkshire Police’s easy street campaign advises that lighting can reduce the risk of being burgled. And Neighbourhood Watch UK explains, most home burglaries are committed by opportunistic criminals. They are drawn to homes which look empty, have little security and which provide cover where they won’t be seen breaking and entering.

It’s crucial that your CCTV system can see in the dark. During these winter months, it can be dark for 16 hours out of 24. CCTV which has poor night time images will work to deter criminals but it will be little help in providing any evidence should an incident occur.

Close the Door on Criminals

It sounds simple, and it is. Locking the door as soon as you arrive home is an easy, free home security measure. One poll survey carried out for National Home Security Month found that almost half of us don’t lock our doors and windows. So it’s no surprise that three quarters of burglars came in through the front door in figures from the Office of National Statistics. Check that your locks meet the Police advised standards. If you need to improve your locks or indeed your doors themselves; use a reputable supplier. Incidents of fraud saw a huge increase during lockdown. This has thankfully come down in subsequent months but it’s always advisable to opt for a reputable recommended trade person to carry out any improvements.

Winter Security Systems

Set your house alarm. This is another free, easy home security tip. Set your alarm whenever you’re out and at night time. If you don’t have a home alarm or if yours is in need of adjustment or update, use an NSI Gold approved company to ensure they’re meeting the highest possible industry standards. An alarm with a visible bell box deters criminals who will most often opt for easy pickings; that is homes with little visible security in place.

Back in the summer months we published this blog on the importance of social media security considerations when you’re on holidays. The same applies in the winter months. There are so many events at this time of year; light switch-ons, Christmas parties and late night shopping. Checking in at the Christmas market or sharing your plans for Christmas at the in-laws can alert people to your home being empty.

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